【PART 1】 Mystery of Okinawa: Military Bases and the Constitution


【18】 It has been possible to inflict nuclear strike on the USSR and China from mainland U.S. bases!


Now, please examine the photo below, showing the ammunition storage facilities located next to the huge Kadena Air Base introduced earlier. You can hazily make out as well the airfield of the Kadena Base at the top of the picture. The airfield and ammunition storage facilities seem to be divided by a broad four-lane road, but in fact they are connected by an underpass, allowing free traffic.

image_English 063

A view of Kadena Air Base (above) from Kadena Ammunition Storage Area/ c Shitaro Suda


At one point, according to U.S. official documents, as many as 1,300 nuclear weapons were stored in such ammunition depots in Okinawa. In emergency situations, nuclear weapons were able to be transported from the depot to the airfield through the underpass, and then loaded onto aircraft. Shockingly, such weapons could be flown to U.S. military bases on mainland Japan, to be used for attacks against the USSR and China.

In other words, it was possible to transport nuclear weapons from the Kadena ammunition depots to mainland bases such as Misawa, Yokota, and Iwakuni, from which another bomber would fly out to the USSR and China to inflict a nuclear strike. For example, the Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture is geographically close to the USSR, so it has been said that such drills were virtually all they did.

Even during the age when Chinese or Soviet nuclear weapons had almost no capability of reaching the American mainland, the U.S. had been pointing 1,300 nuclear weapons at the two countries, from a position close to their flank?or in other words, the islands of Japan that extend from north to south.

In the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, the U.S. made a great fuss over the USSR’s deployment of a few nuclear missiles in Cuba. It became such a critical situation that people worried about a third World War, or the threat of annihilation. We have watched such scenes in movies where the Kennedy brothers play an active role, for example. However, the U.S. itself had been doing something much worse in Japan. When you understand such facts, it really makes you realize the extent to which we have only been taught “history in favor of the U.S.”