【PART 2】 The Mystery of Fukushima: Why Japan Cannot Stop Nuclear Power Plants?


14】 CIA agents coming and going through “back doors”


I am becoming discouraged as I write, but we have to look straight at the reality to “solve the great mystery” which I mentioned in the Foreword. There is another important fact regarding this issue.

That is, there are numerous CIA agents among the American people who go into and out of Japan through the U.S. bases.

Some might say, “Here he goes. I knew he was a conspiriologist.” But I am not. Those who think so should take another look at the secret report I mentioned earlier. It clearly states that “Uncounted agents of numerous American intelligence (and counterintelligence) agencies operate unhindered throughout Japan” (5). Isn’t this shocking? This right has been preserved all this time because of the secret agreement from 1960.

image_English 036_1

The Stars and Stripes newspaper headquarters from Roppongi Hills (a CIA unit to gather Japanese high-tech information inside)/ c Shintaro Suda


Even now the U.S. Forces and CIA agents come directly to the Yokota base or the Yokosuka base and head by helicopter to the center of Tokyo (Roppongi heliport in Aoyama Park). Then, it takes only about five minutes by car from the heliport to New Sanno U.S. Forces Center(*) and the U.S. embassy. However, the Japanese government never protests.

image_English 038

In response to revelations in the Snowden Case, heads of other countries who were eavesdropped-on (such as Germany, France, and Brazil) strongly protested against the U.S. government. But Onodera, the Japanese Minister of Defense, only said “I don’t want to believe such a report.”

“Back doors” in Japan, are not only in information space, but also in physical space such as the skies above the Tokyo metropolitan area and the U.S. bases. Taking this fact into account, I assume Onodera had no choice but to make such a comment, since protesting against such trivialities as eavesdropping would be in vain.


New Sanno U.S. Forces Center is a hotel and conference room only for U.S. Forces./ c Shintaro Suda