【PART 2】 The Mystery of Fukushima: Why Japan Cannot Stop Nuclear Power Plants?


27】 Tearful plea by a girl from Hokkaido


Eventually, though, Mr. Hirai followed these shocking revelations with a story about a girl whom he met in Hokkaido, saying at the end “I tell this story wherever I go. You can forget everything else I said, but make sure to remember this story at any cost.” He was lecturing, at the time, at an event held by the teacher’s union in a town next to the Tomari NPP in Hokkaido. This is his description of that encounter:

It was held at night. There were around 300 people, about half of them parents and the other half teachers. There were also junior high school students and high school students. They came because they thought the NPP issue was not for adults at the present time, but for the future of the younger generation.

When I finished speaking and asked for questions, a girl in 8th grade raised her hand and said the following words. “Adults here in this place tonight are pretentious, great liars. I came here to see their faces, wondering how they could dare come. Adults at present, especially those who are here, always pretend to do something to resolve pesticide issue, golf course issue, NPP issues or whatever, saying it is for their children. I live in Kyowa-cho, right next to Tomari NPP, and I am exposed to radiation 24 hours every day. I know the high rate of babies with leukemia in Sellafield, UK, where there are NPPs. I am a girl. I will probably want to get married when I reach a marriageable age. Is it alright for me to give birth to a baby?”

She was asking this to 300 adults in tears, but no one could answer her.

“If NPPs are so risky, why did you not oppose them strongly when they were first being built? Beyond that, adults here allowed the second nuclear reactor to be built, so I am exposed to double the amount of radiation.” This was when the second reactor was being commissioned in the Tomari NPP.

She said “I don’t understand why you have this meeting now. If I had been an adult with a child, I would have stopped NPPs at any cost.”

When I asked her if she had ever told her mom or her teacher about her worry, she answered, “My mom and teacher are here, but I’ve never told it to them before. I always talk about this with girl friends, that we cannot get married or have a baby.”

This is happening not only in areas within about an 8 to 10km radius from NPP, but also within the 50 to 100km radius area.