【PART 3】 The Mystery of the Security Treaty Village (1): The Showa Emperor and the Constitution of Japan


【28】 Who actually did make the Constitution of Japan?


So, a constitution is the strongest weapon for small powers to fight against greater powers. Japanese people, however, have never come to consensus about their Constitution, so we cannot discuss it properly or make it a weapon when the national sovereignty is infringed by the U.S. or when peoples’ human rights are violated as in Okinawa and Fukushima.

We have to solve this constitutional issue first. What I mean by no consensus is that a great conflict still continues about who wrote the Constitution of Japan, as I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. Some people (the right wing) believe it was GHQ and others (the left wing, or liberals) believe it was actually the Japanese. They are conflicting.

Politically I stand center-liberal, but only on this matter I definitely acknowledge it was written by GHQ.