【PART 3】 The Mystery of the Security Treaty Village (1): The Showa Emperor and the Constitution of Japan


【31】 Diet deliberations under GHQ’s control


However, some still maintain that “GHQ translated the Constitution that Japanese (a non-government law study group) wrote,”(*) or “It is admissible that GHQ drafted the Constitution but it was selected and finalized by Japanese through Diet deliberations later.”

Others say, “We have heard that dozens of its parts were rewritten at the Imperial Diet. So, it was not the general public but the Japanese government that the Constitution was compelled to accept by GHQ.

I understand what they say. No one ever wants to admit that your own nation’s Constitution was written by the other nation’s military authority. I was also shocked by this fact when I found out for the first time.

But such an opinion is wrong. The Constitutional Amendment Subcommittee of the Lower House modified the Constitution at the Imperial Diet behind closed doors. Not even the general members of the Diet were allowed to hear, and its minutes had not been disclosed for about half a century. The minutes that were opened to the public in 1995 described vividly the fact that members of the subcommittee stopped taking shorthand notes and argued and considered “GHQ’s desire.” (Stenographic Record of Imperial Constitution Draft Amendment Subcommittee, published by Gendaishiryo Shuppan)

In January 1946, right before GHQ drafted the Constitution, 381 Lower House members out of 466, which is 82 percent of the Lower House membership, were disqualified and purged by GHQ. Those who were purged couldn’t run for the general election in April of that year, which is when members would be elected to deliberate the constitutional amendments in the 90th Imperial Diet (June 20 – October 11, 1946). (Theory of Purge of Public Officials by Hiroshi Masuda / Iwanami Shoten)

This is what MacArthur did intentionally, to thoroughly eliminate the old regime influence from the Diet in order to deliberate the new constitution. So, how is it possible to regard the Constitution as what “the Japanese people selected and finalized”?

The biggest cause of the miserable state of Japan now is the deception about the Constitution. The fact that GHQ wrote it has been concealed for about 70 years. This means the recent state of Japan has been based on unbelievably low-level facts, resulting in what can be called “the fall of a law-abiding nation.” In short, one might now say “none of the Japanese people can pursue constitutional justice because none of them wrote the Constitution,” or “no one can go against the government’s unconstitutionality because there is no Japanese-based social group that wrote the Constitution (or initial group for enactment of the Constitution).”


* ・・・ The non-government law study group is considered to be a ground for the argument that “the Constitution actually was written by Japanese.” However, Shoichi Koseki, Profesor at Dokkyo University, found out that when Yasuzo Suzuki, who was in the center of the group, met Egerton Herbert Norman, a chief of Counter Intelligence Corps of GHQ, right after the Japanese defeat on September 22, 1945, he had thought that “it is necessary to reconsider fundamentally the constitutional issue,” and already grasped the GHQ’s basic idea for the Constitution through such meetings with GHQ before he started working at the study group. (The Birth of the Constitution of Japan, published by Iwanami Shoten)