【PART 3】 The Mystery of the Security Treaty Village (1): The Showa Emperor and the Constitution of Japan


【6】 Constitution draft by the Liberal Democratic Party in 2012 surprised the world


The Constitution draft presented by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in April 2012 was the worst, but typical, example of such Japanese shortcomings. Intellectuals all over the world, including the UN Commission on Human Rights, were aghast at the draft, asking “Which century is this constitution from?”

Modern constitutions are not a means for the authorities to order people to live in some way. Rather, they exist in order for the people, the holders of sovereign power, to restrict the state and prevent it from violating their human rights. This is the meaning of so-called “constitutionalism.” The Constitution draft revealed that the leaders of Japan as a developed nation do not understand the meaning of a “modern constitution” at all.

It is well known that Douglas MacArthur once said, “Japanese people would be at a 12-year-old boy level on a scale of modern civilization.” Judging by this LDP draft, however, the current level on a scale of modern civilization would inevitably be that of a three-year-old infant.

In the past 70 years, Japanese people–not good at social science in the first place–have only got worse. This could be the biggest mystery of post-war Japanese history.