【PART 4】 The Mystery of Security Treaty Village (2): The UN Charter and the Postwar World


【6】 Prototype of the UN Charter: the Dumbarton Oaks proposal


Following the war’s end, the UN Charter, which is based on the Atlantic Charter, came into effect (signed on June 26, 1945, became effective on October 24).This meant the dawn of a new postwar world. However, before we move on to that period, let me highlight something made in between these two charters — the prototype of the UN Charter, called the Dumbarton Oaks proposal.

This original prototype was created through discussions held in Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C., between the U.S., U.K., Soviet Union and Republic of China (in truth, however, the actual talks were held between the U.S., U.K. and Soviet Union from August 21 to September 28, and between the U.S., U.K. and China from September 29 to October 7).

The reason I’m discussing this prototype is that it’s more useful than the actual UN Charter in understanding the GHQ draft of the Constitution of Japan, written 18 months later.

Especially regarding the abandonment of war potential (Article 9-2), it’s easier to understand the essence of it by examining the basic principles of the UN written in this original version.